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Al-Asr Matric Farewell

2014(2)On Friday, 26th September 2014 Al-Asr Matric Class of 2014 celebrated their annual Matric award ceremony which was held at the school before the commencement of their final examinations. Despite the water shortages the school stopped at nothing to make the day a spectacular event for their matriculants.

As per tradition, the event began with a pre-khutba talk, which was given by one of our top academics Naeem Davis. Immediately after the dua given in honour of the class, the programme commenced and was presented by the class teacher, Muallimah Farzanah Ebrahim. The class arrived promptly and looking amazing in their array of colour and designs while still conforming to Islamic attire. The programme began with a qiraat by Aqeel Khan and Safeera Carrim, followed by speaches by Muhammed Riyaad Mukadam and Sadiya Aboobakr. Thereafter the awards were handed out in which learners were acknowledged for their hard consistent work throughout the examination process. Our top five learners in ascending order were: Safeera Carrim, Muhammed Riyaad Mukadam, Sadiyah Aboobakr, Shakeela Ismail and Naeem Davis


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