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About Us

About Us

Al Asr Educational Institute opened its doors to the public in January 2001 and was founded by the late Abdul Majid Omar (B.Sc) who was the leader of the Quran Study Group.

The transformational potential of the Quran motivated the Quran Study Group to initiate an Islamic school based on Quranic principles that would provide affordable quality education for the community.

The school has grown from strength to strength with one unit per grade from Grade RR to Grade 12. At present the School comprises of 360 learners 35 teachers and 9 supporting staff.

Our Motto

“ …Teach them the Book and the Wisdom…”


The vision of Al-Asr is to create a Quranic generation of people who would act out the principals laid down by the Quran to be beneficial to society.

The vision of Al-Asr is unique in a sense that the name of school was sourced from the Quran in  Chapter 103 - Al Asr: The Passing of Time

“By (the Token of)

Time (through the Ages),

Verily Man is in loss

Except such as have Faith, and do righteous deeds, and join together in the Mutual teaching of truth, and of patience and constancy.”

Sura  Asr



Our mission is to:

Integrate Quranic principles with secular knowledge

Create Allah-consciousness in whatever a learner performs

Promote the sporting and cultural development of our learners

Build student leadership for on-going service to the community

Integrate with learners from other government and private schools

Develop learners in every aspect i.e. by parting knowledge of the word of 

Allah which is enshrined in the Quran

Keep school fees as affordable as possible

Maintain at least a ten percent learner compliment of previously disadvantaged learners.

Maintain a high level of academic excellence

Achieve a 100% Matriculation pass rate



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